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What is Bee Academy?

A Professional and Personal Development Training and Coaching Service, where the emphasis is on fun, learning and achievement.

At Bee Academy

We believe in people.

We believe in everyone’s uniqueness.

We believe everyone has gifts and qualities to achieve fantastic things.

We believe anyone can change their:

  • mind
  • behavior
  • attitude
  • life
  • future

believe in yourself

We believe in you!

Jaqui Barnes-Monaghan, head of learning

Hi, I’m Jaqui,
Queen Bee at Bee Fab Academy

I am a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach, Ignition! Coach and the owner of Bee Academy.

I offer coaching and courses for young people aged 15-25 who are looking to get into paid employment, education or training. I believe that when it comes to work, everyone fits in somewhere, but it can often take time to find the right fit. My goal is to help these young people find their fit while also helping them to develop the necessary skills and increase their self-esteem and confidence along the way.

I also offer career change and life coaching and often work with women looking for direction mid-life or looking to re-enter the workforce after years at home with the children.

Through my coaching and social care experiences, I’ve created and learned a set of techniques and methods to help my clients make the changes necessary in their minds, behaviours or attitudes to see the changes they want in their future. Additionally, I’ve developed strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence and have proven myself as a natural leader and an invaluable team member.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals, but no matter who I’m working with or what we’re focused on, my goal is always the same; to help and encourage them on their journey to personal Fabulousness!

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