Bee Awesome!

is a 2 week programme for young people, who, for whatever reason, did not complete school or have been disadvantaged by disability or circumstances.

I struggled as a teenager and did not finish school. I was a leopard who eventually changed their spots.                      But it took many years, with this programme young people can make changes much sooner.

Find out more by watching this video.

Youth Development and Youth Employment programme

This is not a study programme; it's an ADVENTURE!

What We Offer

On the course they will:

and much much more!,They will go on the amazing Ignition! journey which is proven to encourage young people to see themselves in a more positive way and so believe they can shape their own future.

We believe all young people are Fabulous, by the end of this programme, so will they!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or would like to see a presentation and ask questions of us.